Parts of a computer

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About The Basic Parts of a Computer with Devices

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Computer Parts

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Basic Computer Parts Explained

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The motherboard connects these components together inside the case. Outside the case, the input system includes a keyboard and mouse, and the output display is usually a monitor. favorite this post Nov 18 HP Bladeserver, Getac laptop, and other miscellaneous computer parts.

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Over 40, Parts In Stock Welcome to Discounted Laptop Parts. We hope to be your number one stop for laptop parts. Categories Search through our laptop part category catalog. Building a computer can save you money if you already have some of the parts from your last computer (such as a monitor, video card, keyboard or mouse).

This instructable will teach you how to build a computer. A modem allows your computer to connect to another computer using the normal telephone line. It converts data from a computer format, which requires many wires, into a format that can be sent using only the two wires of a telephone line.

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Parts of a computer
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