My worst teacher

31 Students On Their Worst Teacher Horror Stories

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Students Reveal The Absolute Worst Teachers They've Ever Had In Their Life

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My Worst Teacher

Never have I ever had anyone who said I needed more sources and had to "write more. Nov 14,  · The worst teacher I can actually think of was an adjunct professor at the college where I'm getting my Masters.

It was a truly odd situation because she taught American Sign Language. One student had a disability and she made him cry during an amazing presentation he had made about 9/Status: Resolved. My 3rd grade teacher hated me, told me on more than one occasion "You are poor white trash, you will just end up in prison, I wish I didn't have to waste my time on you" and "I am not wasting my time teaching poor white prison trash, figure it out your self".

Reminds me of one of my worst teachers.


When I was in 6th grade, we were working on a major project that involved all of the core classes when my grandfather suddenly and unexpectedly died. Since he lived several states away, I had to miss a week of school to attend the funeral.

The Priory Preparatory School is a co-educational, inclusive school that welcomes pupils of all religious denominations. Children should find in our school an environment that promotes all types of talents. The worst teacher I ever had was my Vietnamese Literature teacher when I was in senior high (Grade 12) in Vietnam.

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She framed me for cheating during the grant final exam because she wanted to use this to win against my head teacher for the department chair.

So, In my opinion, he is the worst teacher I have ever come across because he had done these kind of things with other students also. And one should be able to mould his thoughts according to the gravity of the situation but he didn't.

My worst teacher
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