Funny quotes for business presentations

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The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint

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21 Quotes to Begin Your Presentation With a BANG!

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Use for business presentations, speeches, or just plain business inspiration. Contributions welcome. Hundreds of the most unique, modern wishes. New greetings, holiday wishes, good morning quotes, good night wishes and sophisticated messages added every week!

Daniel Levine is the world's best known trends expert and keynote speaker sparking innovation at top global events. The power of famous and funny communication quotes. You could also use communication quotes as icebreakers either during presentations or small department meetings.

Their universal appeal and insightfulness are perfect to help people relax with each other. Business Attire Guide; Human Resources Management; Influential. But this scorn is misplaced.

Google Glass is going to be a huge, multi-billion dollar business for Google — eventually. Learn how to be funny, tell jokes, and develop your wit with this course!

Funny quotes for business presentations
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21 Famous and Funny Communication Quotes. Share Away!