Fulcher of chartes pope urban s speech at

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Fulcher of Chartres

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Fulcher of Chartes:Pope Urban’s Speech at Clermont

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There exist 5 copies of Pope Urban II’s speech at Clermont. Most of these accounts were written within a few years of his speech, which is quite good y medieval standards.

Fulcher of Chartres, in his Historia Iherosolymitana, gives a very brief account of Urban's exhortation.® But he prefaces it by a summary of the pope's speech relative to the evil conditions in the West.'^ This was an address to the clergy who were at the Council. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Fortunately, a man by the name of Fulcher of Chartres decided to jot some notes down during Pope Urban II’s call to arms at the Council of Clermont. By using his chronicles, the rhetoric of medieval Christendom can be properly analyzed.

The First Crusade The Chronicle of Fulcher ofChartres and Other Source Materials SECOND EDITION Edited by Edward Peters PENN University of Pennsylvania Press Pope Urban II at the ( 1. The Speech of Urban: 2. The Speech of Urban: 3. The Speech of Urban: 4. The Speech of Urban: 5. The Privilege of Urbar 6.

Fulcher wrote a chronicle of the crusade, made of three books. He started writing it in and finished around The chronicle is considered among the best records of the crusade.

Included in the chronicle is his account of Pope Urban II's speech at the Council of Clermont in November to launch the First Crusade.

Fulcher of chartes pope urban s speech at
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Against the Infidels - Pope Urban II