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Vespa Emporio Armani was developed jointly by Giorgio Armani and Piaggio to celebrate two of Italy’s most established symbols of style and creativity. American Software (NASDAQ: AMSWA) develops, markets and supports a portfolio of demand-driven supply chain management and enterprise software solutions backed by more than 45 years of industry experience that drive value for companies regardless of market conditions.

Kinder capitalists in Armani specs by Will Hutton The Observer, Sunday 1st Februaryp22 The quintessence of globalisation, writes Samuel Huntingdon, is Davos Man. [in The Clash of Civilizations and remaking of World Order] Every year in the last weekend of January there is an extraordinary tribal gathering in the Swiss Alps of the high priests of globalisation.

Giorgio Armani – The Iconic Global Fashion Brand The Giorgio Armani brand owned and run by the founder designer Giorgio Armani has earned the much hallowed space in the fashion industry through its superior design, relevant themes and trends.

Giorgio Armani – The Iconic Global Fashion Brand

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