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Welcome to Scotland

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Visit Scotland

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20 incredible places to visit in Scotland before you die

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Jan 03,  · Scotland has always been a place that I’ve wanted to visit as it is known for it’s amazing views and accents. So, we booked a trip with National Holidays to visit Scotland for 4 days as part of the Glasgow Christmas special. Watch video · Their visit will include a stop at the historic Edinburgh Castle, a visit to a youth cafe run by Social Bite (an organization that tackles homelessness — a cause close to Harry’s heart) and a.

I established the company in to welcome international guests to Scotland and show visitors the best places to stay, to dine, and where to enjoy their favourite activities. Visiting Edinburgh. Visiting Edinburgh welcomes you to Edinburgh Castle and Edinburgh Festivals which are reasons to visit this historic city.

Edinburgh is an all year round city with art galleries, theatres, sightseeing, Blues and Jazz Festivals and the world renowed Edinburgh Film Festival, Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe.

The Visit is an event which invites individuals from the target territories identified by our Steering Group to visit Scotland. We take them to different parts of the country to soak up the history and culture and showcase the artists in distinct and special venues. Jun 23,  · Donald Trump leaves for Scotland Thursday, briefly escaping his turbulent presidential campaign to attend the official opening of a remodeled golf resort bearing his name.

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